About Trevor

For most of my adult life and up to 2016 I’ve been in a retail business and a laundromat. My main clientele were women who are, they say, more demanding than men. I’ve had contact with business owners who cater to men and they informed me it is easier to sell to a man, I cannot say but I choose well before I buy. I have to.

When you are in business to resell you must place yourself in the place of a customer when buying wholesale. Will my customers like this product, are these the right colors to offer them, is the price within their budget, is the product durable, is the product safe?

Customer satisfaction is always at the top of my list and one of my greatest rewards was word of mouth advertising that pushed my business to the forefront more than advertising via media.

Now is the time after forty years in retail for me to try something different to keep my brain function intact. The advice you hear every day when you reach a certain age, learn something new and challenging. So I turned to Internet Marketing and I will apply the same rules when choosing a product or service to offer prospective online shoppers who visit my site.

And I must admit this experience is mentally challenging and I would advise everyone especially retirees, to take up Internet Marketing or some form of mind challenging activity to maintain a focused mind.

Learning a new language is not sufficiently challenging. Learning a programming language is perfect but the possibilities to monetize are greater with online marketing. So now here I am ready to bring my experience in local market customer support onto a vast and different market. Challenging but I will go for it.