The 7 Steps To Trustworthy Content

Without trust, an online marketing campaign cannot thrive. Unfortunately, many people have been burned by shady internet scams, and thus it’s harder to earn their trust.

Today, internet users are very cautious and wary of any information they find online because they either know someone or read of someone who was affected by online scams. A fair amount of effort is required to gain their trust. Here are a few ways to structure content to obtain a reader’s trust:

1. Focus on Quality Content

The frequency of posting content matters. Unfortunately, many bloggers take lessons learned to the extreme. To keep up with their prescribed quota, they post low-quality articles or videos, just to maintain an allotment with no incremental value – instead of attracting more visitors and customers, they end up driving them away.

Content speaks for the site it is on. If it contains poor grammar, it will reflect poorly on the site. Quantity will always matter but maintain quality to a higher standard. When it comes down to choosing either, go for quality.

2. Provide Value

The reader’s primary concern is not the value of an offer but rather the reliability of content and consequently the website. While selling is the ultimate goal, this should not be the core purpose of the content. It must be more than a sales pitch.

Offers will differ from post to post. Some posts will provide solutions to common consumer problems. Others will discuss important news and how it can impact the industry or the readers themselves. It is imperative to entertain or inform the “audience” – a mix of both is often preferable.

3. Make Use of Social Proof

Most people are more likely to trust the recommendation of someone they know an advertisement or an article. It’s why word-of-mouth marketing is so effective. Social proof from strangers will often have the same impact.

For example, putting a small banner showing the number of Facebook followers can show that other people like the offers available and could put suspicious minds at ease.

4. Create a Strong Brand

The success of a marketing campaign is reliant on a consistent brand. A consistent brand makes for a consistent image. If it is blurred or confusing, people will have trouble figuring out what to expect from the brand; they’ll have trouble accepting the brand as a credible source.

A consistent tone, goals, and presentation are important to attract the right kind of people with an offer.

5. Post Consistently

Make no mistake – campaigns will be at risk by not creating content consistently, thus putting it in jeopardy. While posting every day is not required, sticking to a regular schedule is a must.

People will tune in when they expect something new, and if they don’t find it, they’ll look elsewhere, and pretty soon a competing site will win over the consumer’s need for fresh content.

6. Get Creative With Titles and Topics

The average person will see tens of articles scrolling through their social media feeds. They’ll see titles that run the gamut from click bait to boring, and so many that they’ll end up with “article blindness,” where they just won’t notice average or commonly covered topics.

Use eye-catching titles to stand out. Don’t go for the easiest topics available; unless it pertains to something entirely new and unique. Strive for a catchy and unique title.

7. Keep the Conversation Going

Great content is an integral part of a marketing campaign, but they’re one-sided. To maximize value and improve trustworthiness, use conversation on social media to create dialogue. Ask readers what they thought and reply to their questions.

A great content marketing campaign can give a site a huge boost, but it will do little if people don’t trust articles and videos from it. Focusing on reliable, efficient and trustworthy content, will produce benefits after gaining trust.

Internet Business Insight Ebook

ebookAn email from Buck Flogging in my inbox came with an offer for the book “Internet Business Insights” available from Amazon for $17.99.



Buy or get it for Free

On reaching the Amazon site for the book, I clicked the “Look Inside” feature that revealed almost the entire first chapter with fascinating information.

In the same Email, the author offered the ebook version free of charge and close to the date I would receive it if I bought it and shipped, so I’ll wait for the free ebook version. Update: The date has arrived to obtain my free Ebook version however it is not available in either the paid or free version as of date of this update.

The Authors

A paperback sold at $17.99 and then offered for free as an ebook is worth investigating. Written by Chris Nash and, as the Email stated: Buck Flogging. The Man, The Myth, The LEGEND.

The back cover states Chris Nash is an expert at disseminating information that is easily understood by the reader.

And then there is Buck Flogging, a serial entrepreneur since 2007. I must have been living under a rock because I’ve never heard of him until now.

Information on the back cover describes him as being a recluse with several successful online ventures to his name.

Look Inside

The book gives insights on Internet Marketing using excerpts from 101 top notch marketing gurus. The one excerpt that convinced me to get the book was about doing it yourself in Internet Marketing and save a bundle.

The advice I sorely need. But then I might never leave home like Buck Flogging. Not good for social life and family relations.

The first chapter is in the form of Q&A, and it makes for pleasant reading. It is apparent from the first chapter the gain in years of internet marketing knowledge by reading this book.

Reviews on Amazon

The star rating for this book is five stars based on reviews of 18 readers. Here are snippets from some of the reviews:
“Easy to read and full of real business gems.”
“Tons of inspirational ideas inside!”
“This is a great resource to have.”
“Every person who has, or wants, a business, should
read this book!”
“A gold mine of advice and ideas.”
“Exactly the Book I Needed An inspiration.”

Unfortunately, as of this update, the Ebook and the paid version are not available.

Useful WordPress Plugins Worth Mentioning

As of 2017, there are over 45,000 plugins for WordPress and while it isWordPress plugins reassuring to see the number of WordPress users increase steadily, with 27 percent of the web using it so far, it is probable that some outstanding plugins are overlooked. Here are 13 useful WordPress plugins that you may not know are available.

1. Yoast SEO

OK, more likely than not, you’ve heard of Yoast SEO by Team Yoast. While technically not a hidden gem, there’s no denying that Yoast does what it advertises, and does it extremely well.

For those who are uninitiated, Yoast thoroughly optimizes your WordPress site to be search engine optimization-friendly, so your blog can get the amount of traffic it deserves. Its features include:
• Page analysis to check for things like post length, proper subheadings, meta descriptions, etc.
• Social Integration for popular social media sites like Google+ and Facebook
• Advanced XML sitemaps functionality that integrates post, photos, and videos, so your site is visible to most search engines

Those are but a few of the many nifty features Yoast provides for you to trick out your site to draw more visitors — but you get the idea.

Check it out: Yoast SEO

2. Backup Buddy

It doesn’t matter if you’re a high-traffic site owner or a small-time blogger; you’ll be kicking yourself all the same for not keeping backups of your site when you need them the most.

Fortunately, whether a malware hit your site, a wrong command, hacks, human error, or any other digital disaster, Backup Buddy has got your back.

What separates Backup Buddy from the rest of the pack is that it schedules timely, complete WordPress backup (database and all your WP files) and allows you to store your backups off-site. Think of it as a key holder of sorts, but for your website.

Backup Buddy isn’t free, however. It’s a subscription-based service, with the cheapest plan starting at $80 a year. That comes with one year of plugin updates, one year of ticketed support, 1GB of BackupBuddy Stash storage space, one year of access to Stash Live, and 10 iThemes Sync sites.

You might struggle to justify the expenditure if you’re just starting out with WordPress, but if you’re an experienced site-runner that manages multiple websites/blogs, Backup Buddy’s Gold package is worth the look.

Priced at $297, it includes all of the perks mentioned above and also lets you back up an unlimited number of sites over a lifetime; that’s a one-off payment for a myriad of benefits.

Check it out: Backup Buddy

3. Testimonial Widgets

Have you ever wished you could have those sleek-looking testimonial boxes on your product page, but had no idea how to implement that yourself? No worries! Testimonial Widgets has you covered.

Testimonial Widgets goes above and beyond, letting you fully customize the appearance of your testimonials with such functions as carousel fade, filter slideshow features, and slide text. Testimonial Widgets is free to download and also has a premium option that offers several other useful features.

Check it out: Testimonial Widgets

4. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics is a useful tool for keeping track of your site’s average sessions, bounce rates, and traffic, as well as the countries where you get the most visits.

It’s not exactly the most convenient tool because you have to sign in through your analytics account if you want to monitor your site’s traffic.

If you’re like 1 million-plus other users, you’re probably using Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. True to its name, it allows you to view your site traffic data right on your WordPress dashboard.

It comes with a few other cool perks, like tracking which pages drive the most traffic. The best part of all is that it’s completely free.

Check it out: Google Analytics Dashboard

5. All 404 Redirect to Homepage

Some of the best plugins are those that scratch the itch you didn’t even know you had. One such plugin is 404 Redirect. Save yourself (and your users) a few seconds by redirecting them to your homepage automatically.

Check it out: All 404 Redirect to Homepage

6. Author Bio Box

Author Bio Box is for sites that have a lot of contributors and writers on hand. It gives you a neat and tidy space for a short bio, a profile picture, and social media links. It is one of the more underrated plugins hosted on WordPress.

Check it out: Author Bio Box

7. CSS Hero

Although there are thousands of free WordPress themes that give users a wide range of options for customization, you could still find the one theme that would be thoroughly perfect – save for one detail: maybe the layout is off, or maybe there’s just something in the color scheme that bugs you. CSS Hero can come to your aid.

CSS Hero offers a simple yet slick CSS editor, complete with an easy-to-navigate GUI. Even the most inexperienced coders can still tweak their theme to their heart’s content.

Check it out: CSS Hero

8. FreshBooks

Freshbooks is a fresh take on cloud-based accounting software. Designed for professionals by professionals, it includes every feature a humble accountant could ever need for sending/receiving payments, invoices, and finance management.

Check it out: FreshBooks

9. Quick and Easy FAQs

Another one of those hidden treasures is Quick and Easy FAQs, which lets you add FAQs quickly and easily. It includes everything you’ll need to make a personalized FAQ list so you can answer every question that you always find yourself answering.

Check it out: Quick and Easy FAQs

10. WPForms

Whether you’re a once-a-month blogger or a business tycoon, you’ll need a way for your followers/clients to contact you. Thankfully, WPForms has you covered. It’s got a simple drag-and-drop-based system so you can add email forms, subscription forms, and every other form you didn’t think you’d ever need.

Check it out: WPForms

11. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is ideal if you need to grow a mailing list. It achieves this by converting one-time visitors into loyal subscribers through a comprehensive series of analytics, A/B group testing algorithms, and content evaluation so if you think you can step up to handle your subscriber list “game”, check it out.

Check it out: OptinMonster

12. BirchPress

If you ever wanted an easy way to manage clients via WordPress, then BirchPress might be your solution. It’s a simple plugin that not only gives your WordPress site booking and appointment capabilities, but also includes support for international currency, employee-assigned tasks, pricing, and multiple staff members.

Check it out: BirchPress

13. SEMRush

Let’s be real: keeping an eye on your competition is crucial if you’re to stay in the game. SEMRush could be that plugin that gives you the edge on your competition. It does so by letting you see which keywords they’re ranking highest with, as well as track their organic traffic and paid keywords.

Check it out: SEMRush

Burnt Toast & Cancer

Recent research by the British Food Standards Agency has indicated that acrylamide, a chemical which is produced when starchy foods are cooked at high temperatures, could increase the risk of cancer. The research applies to a range of foods, including bread, biscuits, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other root vegetables.


Experts are advising consumers to avoid eating overcooked starchy foods, like burnt toast and suggesting that shoppers avoid unhealthy snacks that contain high levels of acrylamide.

What’s the risk?

Acrylamide, the chemical which is produced when starchy foods are cooked at high temperatures, hasn’t been conclusively proven to cause cancer in humans but has been shown to cause cancer in animals.

It’s likely that similar effects will occur in humans, and the current scientific consensus is that reducing the levels of acrylamide in the diet is a good way to reduce your health risk.

It’s impossible to completely avoid acrylamide, but following cooking instructions carefully and avoiding certain foods are simple ways to reduce your intake.

Which foods are affected?

Acrylamide can be found in a wide range of starchy foods. As well as the obvious culprits, bread, and potatoes, varying levels of acrylamide are also found in crisps, biscuits, breakfast cereals, crackers, coffee and baby foods.

Higher levels of acrylamide are found in the browned or burnt areas of cooked foods, which is why experts are suggesting you ‘go for gold’ when making toast, aiming for a slice which is lightly browned but not blackened or burnt.

What can you do?

Lowering the levels of acrylamide in your diet is relatively simple, which is why the issue has been highlighted by the FSA. Many of the products which contain the highest levels of acrylamide, like crisps and biscuits, are already unhealthy when consumed in large amounts. By aiming to follow a healthy, balanced diet, you’re already on the way to keeping your acrylamide consumption low.

Boiling, steaming and microwaving are all ideal cooking methods if you want to reduce browning and lower the levels of acrylamide in your finished dish. You don’t have to avoid frying or roasting altogether, but should keep a close eye on food and remove items from the heat as soon as they’re cooked, rather than allowing them a longer time to brown.

If you often cook with raw potatoes, then storing them in a dark, cool place instead of in the fridge reduces how much acrylamide is produced when they’re cooked.

While research shows that acrylamide may increase cancer risk, it’s easy to limit the amount you consume. Avoid unhealthy snacks like crisps and biscuits, and remember not to overcook starchy foods.

8 Must-Have Elements for Your Local Business Website


local market A website is an essential marketing and branding tool for local businesses. According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 32{75d9170601b116c50b94827e4dce8cd04dd12ac6e18f635bdc3be90482b5439b} of consumers say they are more likely to contact a local business if it has a website. If you want to present your local business as a leading figure, you should include the following elements in your website.

#1) Address and Phone Number

The number one reason why users visit a local business’s website is to find their contact information. Be sure to include your business’s street address and phone number on your website.

If someone hears about your business from a friend or coworker, they may visit your website to find the address. If someone wants to know whether you carry a specific product, they may look for your phone number. Either way, you need to include your business’s address and phone number to satisfy these users.

It’s recommended that you display your business’s address and phone number in plain text format. Some business owners unknowingly make the mistake of displaying this information as an image. While displaying your address and phone number as an image isn’t going to hurt your site, it doesn’t help either. Search engines can read the context of text (not images), so displaying your contact information as text encourages higher rankings for local searches.

#2) Hours of Operation

In addition to contact information, you should include your business’s hours of operation. Before driving to a retail store or local business, consumers may search for their hours of operation online. Failure to publicly display this information could cost you sales.

On your website, list which days of the week your business is open and for how long. If there’s an upcoming holiday, you can also let visitors know whether you’ll be open or closed on that day.

#3) Social Media Buttons

Regardless of who exactly is your business’s target audience, they probably use social media. A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 79{75d9170601b116c50b94827e4dce8cd04dd12ac6e18f635bdc3be90482b5439b} of online adults in the United States use Facebook — and that’s only one social media network. With digital marketing experts predicting an increase in social media usage in the years to come, this is something local business owners shouldn’t ignore.

If you haven’t done so already, create profiles and pages for your business on all of the leading social media networks. Next, add social media buttons on your website linking to those accounts. If your website uses a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, you can use a third-party plugin or module to automatically integrate these social buttons.

Once your social buttons are active, visitors can click them to access your business’s social media profiles and pages.

#4) Embedded Google Maps View

You should also include a Google Maps view of your business on your website. Doing so helps visitors find directions to your business more easily. Rather than opening a new tab in their browser, visitors can click the embedded map and enter their address. Google Maps will then reveal the fastest route from their location to your business.

To embed Google Maps on your website, visit and enter your business’s street address. Next, click the menu button at the top left corner, followed by “Share or Embed map.” You can then choose the preferred size of your map, grab the HTML code, and paste it into your website.

#5) ‘About Us’ Page

An “about us” page is an essential component of a local business website. Using this prime digital real estate, you can tell the story behind your business.

While all businesses can benefit from an “about us” page, this website element is particularly important for smaller, local businesses. Most consumers already trust large businesses like Walmart, Target and Home Depot, so they rarely look at their “about us” page.

Small businesses, however, must work to gain consumers’ trust, which is where an “about us” page proves useful: you can use this page to explain your business’s history, goals, accolades, and why it’s the leading brand for its respective industry.

#6) Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) lives up to its namesake by enticing visitors to take action. It triggers a visceral reaction in visitors, encouraging them to visit your store or perform other actions. Whether it’s text or an image, your business’s website needs at least one CTA.

Common examples of CTAs used on local business websites include:

  • Visit us today
  • Stop by our store to learn more
  • Give us a call to learn more
  • Sign up for our newsletter

#7) Contact Form

Local business websites need a functional contact form as well. Even if you include your business’s email address, some visitors may prefer to use a built-in contact form. It’s an easier and more convenient way to contact a business, as it allows users to send messages directly from the site without ever leaving.

A typical website contact form includes all of the basic email fields like name, email, subject and message. Once configured, any message a visitor creates will be automatically sent to your specified email address.

Creating a contact form from scratch requires some coding knowledge. However, is a free-to-use service that allows you to create one in just a few minutes. You enter your desired settings and email address, and it gives you the code. Just copy and paste this code into your site where you’d like the contact form and you’re done.

#8) High-Quality Content

Finally, your business’s website needs high-quality content to keep visitors, and search engines, coming back. There’s an old adage many digital marketers refer to when stressing the importance of content: “Content is king.” While Bill Gates originally created this adage in 1996 when discussing the future of the internet, it still rings true to this day.

Publishing high-quality content on your business’s website promotes higher search rankings. Search engines will crawl your site’s content, using this as a signal in their ranking algorithms. And when your site ranks high, more users will see and visit your business.

By integrating these elements into your website, you’ll present your local business as an industry leader.

WA Is So Popular!

Wealthy Affiliate is an online organization offering a variety of services to enhance the online marketing experience of their members relatively fast.

Members refer to themselves as the community. The community is comparable to the community board of many sites but with a big difference – you do not need to go off site to communicate. Contact is right there after each course, or wherever there is a post, there are comments.

Comments by members are crucial for attaining know how in all courses and might be the secret reason why so many members are obtaining experience in a shorter time.

When I say shorter time, if you are a complete novice, I do not mean one week or one month. I’ve also been a victim of scams online, and I know the feeling.

The last scam got to me because they promised to have my website up and running in a week. So I bought in, paid almost $300.00 and got stuck because I had to build the site myself and I did not know how.

What they offered for training were some short videos. So I’m stuck at website editing and will get back to it once I’ve completed the level of training at Wealthy Affiliate to do so. But by then I would have lost out by not using my website for the entire subscription.

You get a good sense of the ambiance of Wealthy Affiliate (WA for short) community even though the connection is from a distance. Another interesting observation is members who renewed their membership after a hiatus, all are ecstatic to be back, and I keep asking myself if I ever stop would I be ecstatic to be back?

The saying goes, you don’t miss it till it’s gone – in this case, me leaving and missing WA. Well, I am online at Wealthy Affiliate every day, so I don’t think I will be leaving soon. It is similar to being online on a social site, but with a big difference – at WA you are monetizing or working towards monetizing your time online.

Once you’ve used or discovered all the resources WA offers its members; it would be difficult to leave to host somewhere else. There is no comparison

Telling Your Children “I Love You”*

parentsChildhood depression, mental disorders, and teen suicides are on the rise. Due to cyber bullies, absentee parents, and peer pressure, some youngsters don’t feel loved and accepted. Don’t let that happen to your children. Let them know you love them by your words and action.

There are numerous ways to let them know you love them, here are thirteen ways that can be a springboard to attain what is best for them.

1. Don’t ridicule your children’s friends – The older they are, the more important this becomes. You should be concerned and monitor their friends, but tread carefully.

As children mature, they identify more with their friends than with their parents. Though this natural occurrence is necessary, parents still fear the influence those friends might have.

As your children’s identity become interconnected with their friends, an attack on one is an attack on all. You can demand, “You’re not going to see so-and-so anymore,” but that could alienate them to the point they tune you out whenever you speak.

It takes great wisdom and finesses to keep the lines of communication open with regards to your children’s friends. Here are some suggestions:
• Just recall how things were when you were their age. Empathy will help you communicate your concerns effectively.
• Ask questions about your children’s friends, being careful not to form an immediate opinion.

• Listen while they express their views, this shows you do value their individuality and accept their ability to make decisions.
• Make sure your voice is not condescending, combative or superior when you tell them why you disapprove of their friends.

• Invite your children’s friends into your home as this will allow you to monitor their friends and also get to know them.
• Don’t be apprehensive setting limits on the amount of time your children spend with their friends but do it in a way both of you can accept.

2. Make meals and snack time special and fun – fun and different ways to prepare food flood the internet (Especially Facebook and Pinterest). Use this resource to liven up meals and snack time.

Veggies that look like dinosaurs, sandwiches in the shape of spaceships, and a special meal on your children’s birthdays show how much you care.

3. Show your affection – This can be a heartfelt hug, a pat on the back, a tender paternal kiss on the cheek or forehead, or a light massage says, “I love you” without you saying a word. It can also alleviate your children’s everyday stress.

News and talk shows bombard children with information than any other time in history. Since children are not mature enough to process all of this, they tend to bottle up their concerns. Your outreach can help them relax and feel safe.

Older children may not want physical displays of affection, especially in public. But this is when they might need it the most. If you haven’t shown physical affection to your older children in a long time, start slowly. They might withdraw at first, but be patient. Before long they will accept and want your affection.

4. Give your children quality time – in this busy world; parents sometimes don’t give their children quality time. As a whole, parents need to spend as much time as possible with their children, but when they can’t, they need to make those occasions count.

Quality time may require shutting out the world and devoting one-on-one time with your children. No phones, work, or personal agendas. Look them in the eyes and pay attention. Children aren’t dumb.

They know when you’re not “with” them. Ask questions and then give them time to answer so they can formulate a reply thus increasing their self-confidence and problem-solving ability.

5. Let your child help with the chores – Little children especially like to help around the house. It is easier to do it yourself, but this stymies an opportunity to bond and train your child. Letting them help also strengthens their self-esteem if you couple the responsibility with honest and sincere praise.

6. Help your children build independence and self-confidence – Independent and self-confident children are more prone to resist peer pressure and not compromise their standards.

Your job is to prepare them to leave home one day, by allowing them to form an opinion and make their own decisions and learning from their mistakes or else, they might spend the rest of their life asking for solutions or have someone else make their decisions.

7. Allow your children to make mistakes – everyone learns from their mistakes, so teach them that a failure is an event, not an eternity.

Don’t correct them for an honest mistake that is not a willful act of rebellion; there’s a big difference between them accidentally spilling their milk and an outright refusal to heed what you say.

Also, remember that the younger your children are, the shorter their attention span and ability to retain information. You might have said something ten times, but they still can forget.

If you punish your children for things they can’t help when done at a particular age and are part of their learning process, they will get discouraged and quit trying.

8. Show enthusiasm in their interests – this is hard if you’re busy or you and your children don’t share the same interests. But when you are interested in what interests them, they will feel your love.

Stop what you’re doing and give them your undivided attention. Ask questions to stimulate a conversation. If possible, participate in what they are doing.

9. It takes two to have children so be caring and respectful when discussing the other parent of your children so that they will grow up with a healthy view of love and relationships.

What if you’re divorced, and you don’t think you could love or forgive the other? Here are some suggestions:
• Keep the lines of communication open and include the other parent in decisions you make on your children’s behalf.

• Let them know of the positive traits of the other parent – difficult for some but try to remember the favorable times.
• Share your children’s day-to-day events with the other. They need to know that the other parent is still involved in their lives.

Please note: If you fear verbal or physical abuse from your ex or current parent of your children, this situation needs counseling and outside intervention.

10.Help your children develop their talents – Everyone has a talent or talents. As a parent, you will be the first one to notice your children’s skills and aptitudes. Help them to cultivate their abilities, and this may mean a sacrifice of your time and finances, but it will be an “investment” dividend pays future “dividends.”

11.Encourage your children – “No” is the most common word in the English language. It’s also the most discouraging. Sometimes it is necessary.

If your children perpetually hear “No!,” they will learn to tune you out and also believe they can’t do anything right. As the curator of your children’s self-esteem, it’s up to you to help your children have a positive regard for themselves.

12. Say “I love you” often – This should be understood, but parents get busy or assume their children already know. There is no compare to a heartfelt and sincere “I love you” followed with a gentle form of affection. It takes only a moment, but it will reap a lifetime of benefits.

13. Discipline your children in private – training is necessary if you want to raise responsible children, but there are three reasons not to do it in public:
• Someone might report you to the authorities.

• Disciplining in public will embarrass them and, may affect your long-term relationship with them.

• If you wait until the two of you are in private, it gives you time to reevaluate the situation, manage anger then dole out the proper discipline.

There you have it- thirteen ways to tell your children “I love you.” Start doing them today and watch your children bloom as your relationship strengthens.

* While this list is for children who still live at home, you can (and should!) adapt it for your adult children. Though most adult children do not need their parents in the capacity they once did, they still need to know you love and care for them.

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