Internet Business Insight Ebook

ebookAn email from Buck Flogging in my inbox came with an offer for the book “Internet Business Insights” available from Amazon for $17.99.



Buy or get it for Free

On reaching the Amazon site for the book, I clicked the “Look Inside” feature that revealed almost the entire first chapter with fascinating information.

In the same Email, the author offered the ebook version free of charge and close to the date I would receive it if I bought it and shipped, so I’ll wait for the free ebook version. Update: The date has arrived to obtain my free Ebook version however it is not available in either the paid or free version as of date of this update.

The Authors

A paperback sold at $17.99 and then offered for free as an ebook is worth investigating. Written by Chris Nash and, as the Email stated: Buck Flogging. The Man, The Myth, The LEGEND.

The back cover states Chris Nash is an expert at disseminating information that is easily understood by the reader.

And then there is Buck Flogging, a serial entrepreneur since 2007. I must have been living under a rock because I’ve never heard of him until now.

Information on the back cover describes him as being a recluse with several successful online ventures to his name.

Look Inside

The book gives insights on Internet Marketing using excerpts from 101 top notch marketing gurus. The one excerpt that convinced me to get the book was about doing it yourself in Internet Marketing and save a bundle.

The advice I sorely need. But then I might never leave home like Buck Flogging. Not good for social life and family relations.

The first chapter is in the form of Q&A, and it makes for pleasant reading. It is apparent from the first chapter the gain in years of internet marketing knowledge by reading this book.

Reviews on Amazon

The star rating for this book is five stars based on reviews of 18 readers. Here are snippets from some of the reviews:
“Easy to read and full of real business gems.”
“Tons of inspirational ideas inside!”
“This is a great resource to have.”
“Every person who has, or wants, a business, should
read this book!”
“A gold mine of advice and ideas.”
“Exactly the Book I Needed An inspiration.”

Unfortunately, as of this update, the Ebook and the paid version are not available.

Earn over $64000.00 in 2 days?

The padlockincome DFY review – Earn over $64000.00 in 2 days?

The following is a review of padlockincome obtained from a video on online. The presentation starts out with a commentator stating “show me the money” and under the commentator is the name, Kevan Cowley. He then invites viewers with “let’s got to my laptop” – reminds me of “let’s go to the video” sports commentator.

The image below is similar to what appeared next on the screen.

Two days without spending money does not mean the ad was for free.  The next frame to appear was similar to the one below.

Your daily profit is referring to one of the two profits he made in two days. He stated he made another daily profit of the previous day of $44,672.80. Once the money making slides were done, the survey slide appeared.

The survey slide displayed a research conducted on people who were already working online or wanted to work online. And one of the several questions in the survey asked what was keeping them from earning real money online, and one of the highest answers on the survey was, more than 50{75d9170601b116c50b94827e4dce8cd04dd12ac6e18f635bdc3be90482b5439b} of responders could not write an email. So if they cannot write an email no way can they write content for their website.

The next slide displayed “a common trend in Email marketing statistics for 2017” according to smartinsights dot com. But the commentator said insights dot com.

Here follows a gist of the information appearing on the following slide: the slide showed a list of industries and the percentage of emails opened on the receiving end; referred to as “Average Open Rate” AOR for short. The highest AOR on the slide was for Arts and Artists with 27.23{75d9170601b116c50b94827e4dce8cd04dd12ac6e18f635bdc3be90482b5439b} followed closely by Agriculture and Food Services, Architecture and Construction just under 25 percent. E-commerce had an AOR of 16.75{75d9170601b116c50b94827e4dce8cd04dd12ac6e18f635bdc3be90482b5439b}.

Next was information on Click Through Rate (CTR) meaning a return email from the receiving end regarding either an offer, confirm, subscribe or attend a webinar, etc. The highest CTR was under three percent.

Next slide on the video was padlockincome campaign statistics showing two campaigns: “Delivered” refers to emails sent to. “Opened” shows the number of Emails opened after they were received, and “Clicked” are email replies.

Next, the video goes on to show an arrow pointing to an open rate of 158{75d9170601b116c50b94827e4dce8cd04dd12ac6e18f635bdc3be90482b5439b} and 17.8 percent at the other end of the arrow. Confusing to say the least.

Then came the sweetener after a few more statistics the commentator stated words to the effect: Instead of teaching people how to do internet marketing why not do it all for them. Why not give them “my best system,” a proven system that converts visitors to profit. A plug and play system that has no tools to learn, no emails to write and no tracking pixels to learn, no sales funnel to build, no experience required, so simple to set up, for all ages, can be done from anywhere in the world and does all the selling for you. Now check this: “A system designed to get $15000.00 per month in 90 days.”

So is this another done for you – DFY?  The video says it is a system that does it all for you so it is a DFY. Is DFY a scam?

How to Build a Website for Free

Chances are you have been seriously thinking of building a website the for the pursuit of accomplishment or online marketing.Logic will dictate you create your website free of charge before investing in a new venture.A hosting company provides the domain and editor to host your site.

The editor is the application you use to create your site, add features, and media,social platforms and a section for comments.Your site can be simple or quite versatile.

Not all hosting companies are equal. Look carefully at the packages they are offering. Some bare bone offers may be tempting, and it is only after the fact you realize you have no choice but to buy extras, like email, security, and keyword tools.

Today’s hosting companies have simply made it easy to create appealing websites. When choosing a hosting company to build your free website, you should consider how many free themes – the blueprint of your site – are available to choose.

A high-quality editor is essential for you to build your website. WordPress is such an editor and roughly garners fifty percent market share. You need a captivating finished product to be able to capture internet market share today.

But for your immediate evaluation in a new venture, a first step would be a free take on affiliate marketing or online marketing, then proceed to paid options so you can capture your share of the untapped global or local internet business.

Wealthy Affiliate is offering two free sites for your evaluation they also have an entire community of members to guide you, and not via some community bulletin board but right there at the end of each course.Courses are available for a small fee that includes hosting.Yes,a Certification course to get you up to speed in a shorter time and secure hosting included.So do give it a try.Choose your membership options below:

Ways to Avoid Scams Online

wealthy affiliate marketing
Scammers have become increasingly creative when it comes to creating online scams that will have people offering up their personal details or money. You need to learn how to protect yourself and avoid scams online.

Everyone is a target. The truth is, even if you are extremely cautious, you can still fall foul of a scam. Whether it’s just $20, or thousands, it is essential you provide yourself with the information and links you will need to avoid scams online.

Keep in mind that review websites may also be dubious, in fact, PCWorld has been warning it’s readers about fake reviews for years. Remember, anyone can build a website rapidly today.

The first, and more important, thing to remember is that scams target absolutely everyone. It does not matter how smart you are, or how much money you have, you can be the victim. Not everyone who becomes the victim of a scam is gullible, or naïve.

The reason that scams succeed is that they make themselves look legitimate. They exploit your good nature, and your desire to be respectful.

Protect yourself, be alert. If someone contacts you uninvited, you should be on scam alert irrespective of the initial approach. Be it through email, over the phone, in writing or walk in. Google the name of who contacted you.

Here is one name to Google: Srikanth Koneru – there are thousands, and most may be legitimate but how would you ever find out which one scammed you?

Know the Facts. Make sure you read up on the About Me page of any website you visit. Take time to do research. In fact, it isn’t enough that you search for the company itself, type the name of the company into your search engine along with scam alerts.

Don’t Open Messages – If you have received suspicious emails, texts, or pop-up windows, then you should verify the contact before every considering opening it.

Secure Your Details & Devices – Lock your mailbox, shred important documents and bills before you throw them in the trash, and make sure you keep your pin numbers and passwords safe. Be cautious about what you’re sharing on social media.

Secure your mobile devices, as well as computers. Don’t share remote access, and password, protect everything. Always ensure your security software is up to date, and backup any vital content. Avoid using public Wi-Fi to access personal information.

Choose Smart Passwords –Your password should always include a symbol, numbers, and a mix of lower and upper case letters. Don’t use the same one for every profile or account, and never share your passwords.

Be Cautious When Shopping Online – If an offer seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Review your settings if you are on social media sites, then check your security and privacy settings. Don’t accept friend requests from people you do not know. Beware of inquiries for money, online account, personal documents, or credit card details- don’t engage.

There are a few scam alerts sites that you can make use of to ensure that the operation is on the up and up:

FTC – You can browse scam alerts by recent events, or by topic.

BBB – The Better Business Bureau has made life simple by providing updates on all recent scams.

Consumer Affairs – The main page includes the latest scams, but you can also browse by month.

There’s no need to worry about fake reviews when there are reliable sites available that provide truthful, honest reviews, such as: Consumer Search and Reviewopedia.

Is Internet Marketing Oversaturated?

Four billion people remain offline today despite an increase in market share of international web access. So even though online monetization has been with us for a long time, the worldwide market is still open and ready for business.

At least seventy new domains are registered, and over five hundred new websites created within a minute on the web.  Close to two million likes on Facebook, over two hundred million emails sent and all within a minute.

With these sheer numbers, you would be tempted to believe there is a market saturation in online marketing. But in reality making money online is still in the beginning stage.  All you need to do is find the right niche, product, story or whatever you have to offer that is unique, and you are somewhat knowledgeable in the field you are offering.

Like any business, you will build up revenue as you gain experience and adopt the correct procedures required to accomplish your goals online. One of the most secure means of obtaining experience in web activity is to be affiliated but not just any affiliation. You need to be part of a group of people dedicated to making your venture a success.