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ebookAn email from Buck Flogging in my inbox came with an offer for the book “Internet Business Insights” available from Amazon for $17.99.



Buy or get it for Free

On reaching the Amazon site for the book, I clicked the “Look Inside” feature that revealed almost the entire first chapter with fascinating information.

In the same Email, the author offered the ebook version free of charge and close to the date I would receive it if I bought it and shipped, so I’ll wait for the free ebook version. Update: The date has arrived to obtain my free Ebook version however it is not available in either the paid or free version as of date of this update.

The Authors

A paperback sold at $17.99 and then offered for free as an ebook is worth investigating. Written by Chris Nash and, as the Email stated: Buck Flogging. The Man, The Myth, The LEGEND.

The back cover states Chris Nash is an expert at disseminating information that is easily understood by the reader.

And then there is Buck Flogging, a serial entrepreneur since 2007. I must have been living under a rock because I’ve never heard of him until now.

Information on the back cover describes him as being a recluse with several successful online ventures to his name.

Look Inside

The book gives insights on Internet Marketing using excerpts from 101 top notch marketing gurus. The one excerpt that convinced me to get the book was about doing it yourself in Internet Marketing and save a bundle.

The advice I sorely need. But then I might never leave home like Buck Flogging. Not good for social life and family relations.

The first chapter is in the form of Q&A, and it makes for pleasant reading. It is apparent from the first chapter the gain in years of internet marketing knowledge by reading this book.

Reviews on Amazon

The star rating for this book is five stars based on reviews of 18 readers. Here are snippets from some of the reviews:
“Easy to read and full of real business gems.”
“Tons of inspirational ideas inside!”
“This is a great resource to have.”
“Every person who has, or wants, a business, should
read this book!”
“A gold mine of advice and ideas.”
“Exactly the Book I Needed An inspiration.”

Unfortunately, as of this update, the Ebook and the paid version are not available.

4 thoughts on “Internet Business Insight Ebook”

  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for the great review of this eBook or paid purchase, either way it sounds like its a great read and you have done this publication a great service.
    I have’nt heard of this author until now, I googled same and hey presto, there are some great reviews on their publications.
    I may download some of these ebooks in time, which one would you totally recommend !!!!
    Cheers Phil Browne.

  2. Hi Phil,

    I recommend the one I’ve reviewed here but I’m not sure it is available now, at leat not from Amazon. If you decide to order any of his titles make sure they are available.

  3. Great review! Thank you!
    I too have never heard of Buck Flogging. I did a quick google search and he seems to be quite popular! The reviews really say a lot about the book. “Inspirational” was used a few times. To me that means the book is worth reading even at the $17.99 price!
    Have you heard an update yet on the ebooks? Please let me know when you do!

  4. Buck Flogging seems to have a flamboyant personality. I will make a note of it to keep you informed. 

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