Is Internet Marketing Oversaturated?

Is Internet Marketing Oversaturated?

Four billion people remain offline today despite an increase in market share of international web access. So even though online monetization has been with us for a long time, the worldwide market is still open and ready for business.

At least seventy new domains are registered, and over five hundred new websites created within a minute on the web.  Close to two million likes on Facebook, over two hundred million emails sent and all within a minute.

With these sheer numbers, you would be tempted to believe there is a market saturation in online marketing. But in reality making money online is still in the beginning stage.  All you need to do is find the right niche, product, story or whatever you have to offer that is unique, and you are somewhat knowledgeable in the field you are offering.

Like any business, you will build up revenue as you gain experience and adopt the correct procedures required to accomplish your goals online. One of the most secure means of obtaining experience in web activity is to be affiliated but not just any affiliation. You need to be part of a group of people dedicated to making your venture a success.

7 thoughts on “Is Internet Marketing Oversaturated?”

  1. Thank you for helping me in affirming my decision that I chose the right in doing affiliate marketing.

    One thing that you made an excellent point of is that 4 billion people still have yet to get on the internet. A crazy stat that I heard recently is that only 15-20{75d9170601b116c50b94827e4dce8cd04dd12ac6e18f635bdc3be90482b5439b} of shopping is done online in America, whereas China is 80{75d9170601b116c50b94827e4dce8cd04dd12ac6e18f635bdc3be90482b5439b} online shopping.

    I found it crazy that even though it looks oversaturated in some peoples eyes, that this is barely beginning to scratch the surface.

    Have you heard anything similar to what I have mentioned?

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us,


  2. Online shoppers in the US at 15-20{75d9170601b116c50b94827e4dce8cd04dd12ac6e18f635bdc3be90482b5439b}? That is not credible. Seventy-nine percent of Americans are shopping online for convenience sake. Americans find online shopping markedly convenient although it costs more. This information in itself is a niche worth researching.

    In spite of the statistics of the untapped internet market, it is evident that some regions are over saturated and others you will encounter a penetration factor as in Brazil which is a market ripe for marketing, but Brazil has a huge language barrier. One solution is to partner with a Brazilian.

    The traditional markets appear over saturated, but the key here is finding the niche still awaiting discovery.

  3. The answer to that question is no; there is plenty of room at the top so to speak. When you think of the millions of people on the internet on a yearly basis looking for products and services you know you can get a piece of this pie for yourself. People are now buying online quickly because you can easily sit in the comfort of your home and go shopping with the press of a button. There is plenty of room for those who want to give this business a try.

  4. The answer to: Is Internet Marketing Oversaturated is indeed no. You seldom hear anyone questioning the over saturation of brick and mortar businesses even though there may be several stores in proximity selling the same merchandise. Internet marketing is open for business.

  5. I always hear that there’s too much competition on the internet, but it’s usually the people who aren’t making any money online, that say it lol.

    You would assume with so many people using the internet and building online businesses, that it would be tough.

    But the truth is, if you work hard and follow the right training, you have as much chance at breaking into your chosen market as your competition.


  6. True! There may be tons of competition but there is always good outcomes. What it takes is finding a good niche field where you can grow from. Like your short article easy and fast to read..

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