Go Easy On Yourself

When that feeling of despondency sets in, it’s time to take a break and go easy on yourself. Let go of frustration, let go of that deep gnawing feeling of failure and look at the bright side of life. Did you miss a deadline for the first time in years? Don’t worry you are only human.

Take the day off mainly to relax but also to set a system in place where you would avoid future burnouts. Value your time. Calculate your hourly wage and outsource any time-consuming task way below your hourly wage.

One of the most frustrating setbacks occurs when you are midway through a task, and you suddenly realize it is all wrong. You must set a system and or procedure in place to mitigate the risk of having to start all over by doing it the right way always.

Even in sports with games that last an hour or more, you have short breaks. In Sports such as boxing, football, tennis, and baseball, the change up is a form of a slight pause. When working on a project for more than one hour take a short break.

Use these short breaks to psyche up on happy mode. A short funny gif video, your favorite pet, relaxing music, inspirational short topics, a cup of beverage that hits the spot, and call someone you know will light up the balance of your day. Friends on social media or join a worthy network.

When circumstances get you down, stand in front of a mirror, take a hard look at yourself in the mirror, smile and then laugh, laugh, then say to yourself: I know who I am, and I will accomplish this project, nothing can stop me!