How to Overcome Writer’s Block

If you’re a seasoned writer or a college student looking to finally finish that term paper, writer’s block could interfere with even your best efforts. This process is 100 percent normal and happens to all of us, but what are some ways you can combat writer’s block before it overtakes you, your sanity and your works? Here are some tips to overcome writer’s block:

Do some free writing!

Write about whatever comes to mind first and write in a stream of consciousness fashion. You could also purchase a writing prompts journal to liven up your writing routine and to combat writer’s block.

Go for a walk.

There’s nothing a little sunshine and fresh air can’t fix.

Go somewhere for some inspiration.

You don’t have to travel too far from your current location. People watch in the park or at your favorite local coffee shop. You can observe behaviors that could prompt you in the right direction. Plus, you could have your favorite cup of Joe to get your writing juices flowing.

Try to get rid of distractions.

There’s nothing that makes your inspiration and motivation falter like too many distractions. If you can, turn off your phone, and close all Internet browser tabs. Focus on you and your writing. Purchase writing software to get you in the zone, free from what can distract you.

Read a book.

Read something from one of your favorite authors to help you get some inspiration for your works. You could get a new idea for a person, place or thing or think about a source of information you didn’t think of before.

Do something fun.

Release your inner child. Play with something that allows you to create, like Legos, model ships in bottles, photography skills on Photoshop — anything that gets you in a creative mindset.

Listen to your favorite music.

The choice can vary from writer to writer. Some like to listen to classical music without lyrics to distract them. Others like to jam to heavy metal or gangster rap. Do whatever gets you in your writer’s zone so you can find that voice the mental block is hiding from you.

Spend time with a loved one.

We all need a break, even from our writer’s block when it becomes too overwhelming. Have lunch with a friend or make dinner for your significant other at home. Taking the time to have a conversation with someone else could be just what you need to come out of your writer’s fog.

Get physical.

Exercise to increase your heart rate. Running and other cardiovascular activities can boost your creativity. You can also do yoga.

Don’t avoid writing.

If you’re struggling to find the right words for your story or research paper, if you avoid writing, then you won’t overcome writer’s block. Don’t procrastinate until you feel so inclined to write or feel inspired by something. You also can’t pity yourself or think that you just aren’t good at writing at all.These tips and more will help you as you begin to get out of your writer’s block funk.